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The company P Z P MERLIN, was founded in 1991 and began business in the hospitality and food industry.

Since the establishment of the company, we have been constantly expanding and improving our production programs and technologies.
At the very beginning of the company’s activities was the opening of a French restaurant, a fast food bistro in Hlinsko and refreshments at the swimming pool in Skuteč.

Gradually, the company began to profile itself as a purely manufacturing one, which resulted in cooperation with the network of OMV gas stations, for which we produced and delivered baguettes and sandwiches.

Based on positive feedback and demand, we gradually expanded production to include deep-frozen semi-finished products under the ČESKÝ BRAMBORÁK brand.
Over the years, the product line has grown to an assortment of more than thirty products made from meat, potatoes, vegetables, flour, milk and other mostly natural ingredients.

We supply the products to the market through contracted distribution partners, present them on our website and at various gastronomic events.
In 2003, we obtained the status of SHELTERED WORKSHOP.

The idea of a sheltered workshop arose from the need to integrate our and local disabled children into the work process and everyday life. The goal was to place 10 children in a sheltered workshop within 15 years.

I am proud of the fact that the sheltered workshop currently employs around 70 disabled people (with various degrees of disability (ZZ, ČID, TZP). Throughout the year, and especially during the school holidays, we employ up to 100 more students and casual workers.

This significant exceeding of the set goal satisfies me mentally and humanly, as the owner and founder of the sheltered workshop and all colleagues from the management as well and at the same time, it motivates us and moves us forward.

We cannot fail to mention that the Labor Office in Chrudim helped us a lot with the establishment of the PROTECTED WORKSHOP, for which we were especially grateful in the beginning.

In the last few years, we have also been involved in subsidy projects at SZFI, where we have succeeded in several applications. We obtained part of the funds for new production technologies and a new operation.

My father instilled in me from an early age, that quality comes first and that´s why our company PZP MERLIN s.r.o. Český bramborák was from the beginning led as a producer of TOP quality Czech products, which still continues and we are recognized as one of the highest quality producers and suppliers of the companies we work with (MAKRO, GLOBUS, HOPI s.r.o., HAMÉ, JIP).

We invest the company’s annual profit in renewal and in the purchase of new modernized production technologies to facilitate the work of our employees and to obtain food certifications of the highest quality.

Last, but not least, it fulfills our mission as a sheltered workshop and we try to help both financially and in other ways especially disabled people in our region.

Managing director: Pavel Jirmásek